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Joseph Chaiban, P.E.,SI (CEO)

2787 East Oakland Park Blvd. #211

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

  (954)472-9093 Home

(954) 561-0489 Fax

e mail: Jchaiban@AOL.com




FAU - Executive MBA Program- Broward County, Florida

Area of emphasis:  Strategic Planning-Information Systems marketing, Financial Management, Advanced Accounting, Communications, Organizational behavior and e commerce business models.


Florida International University - Miami, Florida

M.S. Structural Engineering Program.  Primary area of  research concentration:  earthquake analysis and design models using      computer programs and matrixes.  Analysis and design of  buildings, concrete and wood structures and advanced research in concrete and steel design of complex structures and foundations.


Northeastern University - Boston, Massachusetts

BSCE (Civil Engineering) - Received degree in three years with honors. ( Structural emphasis)

1979-1980              Wentworth Institute of Technology Boston Massachusetts

Architectural Design (2) years of Architectural design courses


1995 Present

Chaiban Engineering Consultants, Inc. -  Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Providing a variety of professional Engineering and Inspection consultation services to clients since 1995.

Buildings and structural design, threshold inspection,  investigations and management for concrete, foundation failures, steel and wood structures and multiple buildings and roadway, utilities, residential and commercial projects in the South Florida region and global United States. Construction management and contract administration.

The firm also provides professional services to clients such as structural and design analysis, complex concrete inspection and monitoring, drainage design and analysis, building design analysis and threshold inspections, wind loads, engineering management and evaluations, roadway, utilities, drainage and foundation design, Forensic Engineering, construction management, roadway and asphalt design and inspection, bridge design, architectural design / consultation, electrical and mechanical design,  and other professional services.

Experience also includes expert witness testimony for cases involving legal disputes over construction workmanship and quality of work involving concrete structures, pools, piles, drainage issues, dust control, driveway and unit masonry construction tolerances.  ( Robert Fenwick, Paul Fletcher, Yana Estrov..)( Mike Bilotti vs. Superior Pools). Utilized IS latest software for structural  design and inspection projects.  Management, strategic goal setting for a staff of 8 employees. See attached company profile for experience and project


MK Centennial - Deerfield Beach, Florida

Project Manager:  management and coordination of miscellaneous CEI        projects for the Department of Transportation in Broward.  Performed     quality control audits on all projects in the Florida area. Wrote technical proposals and performed marketing  analysis and data  gathering. Assembled a team to investigate asphalt cracking and rutting problems by using actual asphalt cores, including density tests, core out averages and temperature reports.  Utilized computerized, automated data base to sort reports and accumulate data for problem resolution.  Analyzed schedule of activities to fragment the asphalt delays as a result of concurrent delay in other construction events.  Assisted attorneys in the litigation process and gathering of facts. The claim was for a total of  $10 Million against the FDOT.  This work was associated with the 95 million dollar I-95 Project between Davie, Broward Blvd. and SR 84.


Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc. - Broward, Florida

Assistant Resident Engineer:  management and contract administration of   engineering staff and inspection teams to perform CEI services for I-95     project in Palm Beach.  Responsible for the analysis and preparation of    supplemental agreements and change orders for the FDOT.  Corresponded with the contractor and FDOT on a daily basis.  Prepared final estimate documentation and progress payments.  Design of structures and bridges with pile foundations.  Additionally, was involved in a case regarding an accident on I-95 that left a woman paralyzed.  Attended depositions for attorneys representing the firm.

Project Engineer:  management  of engineering staff performing CEI services on I-95 projects in Broward county. Conducted inspector training and set goals. Performed employee evaluations on a yearly basis; developed a computer program in Lotus 123 to track quantities and generate pay estimates; also involved in the construction of I-595, SR 84 and I-95 in Broward County. The project consisted of complex bridge structures, girders, beams, footings, columns, deep concrete piling foundations and pre stressed concrete bridges.  Performed pile testing using ultra sonic waves and computer programs to calculate dynamic loading, axial forces and compressive bearing loads.


Keith & Schnars, P.A. - Miami, Florida

Senior Inspector:  responsible for the inspection of SW 8th Street construction in Miami and the testing of materials such as concrete, asphalt and soils.  Monitored the construction of concrete bridge over A1A with concrete piles, post tensioned slab.

Years In Business: 8 Years (EB # 7185)

Employees: 6  professional staff

Projects: Residential, Commercial  projects in Global and United States Markets

Other Activities:

Invented the Compu-Ledger computer program in Lotus 123 to track quantities of materials used in the construction of roadways and highways on a multiple FDOT projects - November 1996                                                                                                           



Multistory building design and constructions management in Victoria's Closet of 110,000 SF on 2002-2004  estimated about US$6.5 Million project


Martin Cress Condo, 12,000 SF on 2001-2003  estimated about US$1.50 Million project


IFE Art Exposition 55,000 SF on 1999-2001 estimated about US$4.50 Million project


International Village (12) Buildings  on 1998-2003  estimated about US$2.50 Million project


Kuwait City, Kuwait between 1982-1984 estimated about US$12 Million project


I-95/Broward&Davie Blvd.s between 1994-1995 estimated about US$96 Million project


I-95 from Ives Dairy to Griffin Rd. between 1990-1992  estimated about     US$70 Million project


I-595/SR 84I-95  between 1988-1990 estimated about US$130 Million project


I-95 from Yamato to Linton  between 1992-1994 estimated about US$31 Million project


I-95 from Davie to SR 84 between 1994-1995 estimated about US$90 Million project


Alligator Alley between 1994-1995 estimated about US$12 Million project


Collins Ave between 1988-1989 estimated about US$25 Million project                  


Boca Commercial Center between 1996-1997 estimated at US$2.3 Million project


Multiple commercial and residential  Projects ( Yamato office center, Broward  Fitness center, Chat-N-Chew diner, Happy Hocker)                                                     



 1990/Civil Engineering/ Florida PE # 43239


1994/General Contractor/ Florida CGC #057483


1995/Specialty Inspector/Threshold structural /building inspections # 1108


MOT- work zone safety specialist, 1990


FDOT - Final Estimates 1986


Construction Scheduling, 1994


Construction Project Administration, 1996


Certificate of Training Excellence in OSHA record keeping 1996


Construction Contract Interpretation, FDOT 1996


Certified Diver, 1996


Certified concrete testing technician